Benefit for the Tohoku Disaster

On April 3, 2011 Malcolm and Junko held a benefit to aid the Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster in Waikapu, Maui. Malcolm cooked his Natural Beauty & Long Life Curry for friends and we raised over $2041 with more checks coming in the mail (at least that’s what they said!). Everyone was surprised at how good both the regular and vegetarian curry tasted.

As you can see from the image, 180,000 JPY (exchange rate on April 7: $1.00 = 85) was deposited into the account of the Nihon Sekijuji-sha Tohoku Kanto Daishinsai Gien Kin. In English, that’s literally: Japan Red Cross Tohoku Kanto Big Earthquake Charity.

A big thanks to Jo-Ann Aki who generously provided the use of her lovely house for this event. Also thanks to Staci & John, and Alice for their assistance cooking and keeping a record of the contributions. And Imelda for the use of her pot!

Again, Mahalo and much Aloha to the people that came! Thank you very much!

We hope that people will continue to keep the people affected by this disaster in their thoughts and prayers. This disaster is far from over. Late last night, April 6, there was a 7.1 quake off the coast that rock and rolled us out of our jet-lagged sleep (we had returned to Tokyo the previous evening) and knocked the power out in Sendai and killed two people. This after shock was centered 41 miles east of Sendai, 72 miles from Fukushima and 205 miles from Tokyo, about 30 miles below the ocean floor, about 10 miles deeper than the March 11 quake. Hundreds of aftershocks have followed the initial quake, but Thursday’s was the strongest, according to the United States Geological Survey.

There was no tsunami warning but people on the coast evacuated in the middle of the night to higher ground, anyway. Of about 3.6 million households initially affected by the power outage, 950,000 were still without power Friday afternoon, April 7. There will most probably be more aftershocks and with the buildings of the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plants weakened, it’s making the risks even greater.

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