On the beach at Maui Sunset

Picking edible seaweed on the beach in front of the Maui Sunset.

A Lovely place to spend the winter!

Enjoying the pool

Enjoying a a quiet moment and a bowl of ice cream after a few hours at the Maui Sunset pool.

Maui Sunset Sunsets

They never get tired. Feet up, margarita in your hand, ahhh….

Just north of Maui Sunset at the Kealia Pond Wildlife Refuge…

This is the beach side of the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge.

It’s quite lovely…

Click here for the map and directions.

Another Activity at Maui Sunset


functional glass poi pounders!

Poi was considered such an important and sacred part of daily Hawaiian life. It was believed that the spirit of Hāloa, the ancestor of the Hawaiian people, was present. This is because Hawaiians believed that the taro plant, or kalo, was the original ancestor of the Hawaiian people.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these poi pounders, please contact us!

Not Only Whale Watching

This image of a suspected UFO, taken right at the beach at the Maui Sunset, is being investigated as we speak by the good people at MUFON – our nation’s most respected UFO and paranormal activity investigators!

Maui Sunset B221 Refreshed !!

After a deep cleaning of B221 and the delivery of the new sofas for the living room, we took a little break before going to eat lunch.


This is a baby whale. Almost big enough to start the trip back north.